I attended high school through Umbrella Academy – aka, homeschool. This experience was invaluable in that it allowed me to develop independent research skills and a passion for learning from a young age. During high school, I also was able to participate in a variety of valuable extracurricular activities, including the One Year Adventure Novel writing program, the Kansas City Youth Symphony, Act One KC’s theatre program, and Heart of America Dance Centre’s homeschool dance program. I also traveled to England for the first time as a part of my senior experience.

In 2011, I was accepted on a full-ride academic scholarship to study at Ball State University through their prestigious honors college. As a part of this program, I studied literature, music, and psychology among other subjects – and I graduated cum laude with a bachelor’s degree in English Literature in summer of 2015. I wrote my senior honors thesis on Fairy Tales Today. I also studied abroad in Worcester, England independently for a semester – where I learned from British faculty while conducting my own independent literature research.

In December of 2016, I completed my Master’s of Library & Information Science through Simmons College, with a concentration in Archives Management.  Through this program, I studied library reference services,  library management, library organization, archives management, international librarianship, library technologies, etc.

I am currently completing my second graduate degree, a Master’s of Business Administration, through MidAmerica Nazarene University.

Undergraduate Courses:

Johnson County Community College:

  • Business and Applied Calculus (MATH 231)
  • Elementary German I (GER 101)
  • Elementary German II (GER 102)
  • Music Theory I (MUS 141)
  • Orchestra (MUS 211)
  • Introduction to Philosophy (PHIL 121)
  • Lifetime Fitness (HPER 241)
  • Personal Finance (BUS 123)
  • Public Speaking (SPD 121)

Ball State University (Bachelor’s of General Studies):

  • Reading & Writing Literature (ENG 230)
  • American Literature 1: Beg to 1860 (ENG 240)
  • 19th Century British Literature (ENG 365)
  • Renaissance and 17th Century British Literature (ENG 363)
  • Young Adult Literature (ENG 414)
  • Contemporary British Literature (ENG 367)
  • Literature of African American Tradition (ENG 491)
  • Making Monsters (ENG 400)
  • Global Issues (HONR 189)
  • Current U.S. Issues (HONR 199)
  • Inquires in the Ancient World (HONR 201)
  • Middle Ages, Renaissance, Enlightenment (HONR 202)
  • The Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries (HONR 203)
  • Inquires in Physical Sciences (HONR 296)
  • Dragons, Wizards, and Unicorns: Journeys in Fantasy Literature (HONR 390)
  • Shakespeare For You (HONR 390G)
  • Senior Honors Project (HONR 499)
  • Early Childhood (EDPS 254)
  • Child Psychology (EDPS 350)
  • Adolescent Psychology (EDPS 351)
  • Adult Psychology (EDPS 355)
  • Family Relations (FCFC 250)
  • Family and Society (SOC 224)
  • Symphony Orchestra (MUSP 340)
  • Small Ensemble Strings (MUSP 433)
  • Music Theory II (MUSTH 212)

Graduate Courses:

Simmons College (Master’s of Library & Information Science):

  • Information Organization (LIS 415)
  • Foundations in Library and Information Science (LIS 401)
  • Reference & Information Services (LIS 407)
  • International & Comparative Librarianship (LIS 490)
  • Technology for Information Professionals (LIS 488)
  • Preservation Management (LIS 439)
  • Intro to Archival Methods & Services (LIS 438)
  • Principles of Management (LIS 404)
  • Managing Recording in Electronic Environments (LIS 456)
  • Establishing Archives & Manuscript Programs (LIS 422)
  • Access and Use (LIS 440)
  • Social Informatics (LIS 421)

MidAmerica Nazarene University (Master’s of Business Administration):

  • Graduate Studies for Success (MGMT 6001)
  • Personal & Corporate Ethics (MGMT 6002)