I love my family so much! They are and always have been my best friends.

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My dad, Bobby Gray, has a Master’s of Science in electrical engineering and currently works as a NERC Compliance Officer for the Kansas City Public Board of Utilities.

My mom, Heidi Gray, is and Educational Aide through the Shawnee Mission School District – and she is also responsible for raising and teaching me and my four siblings all the way through high school.

Keifer, my older brother, has a Bachelor’s of Arts in film production and is currently a missionary in the Czech Republic.

Case, my younger brother, is a shift supervisor at Starbucks and is currently completing his degree in organizational communications through Park University.

Catiana, my eldest younger sister, is currently enrolled full-time in the Culture House’s Artists Development Program in Dance.

Oksana, my youngest sister, is currently finishing up her final year of high school.

Each one of my family members is an inspiration and a blessing to me in so many ways.

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