I began playing the upright bass when I was eight years old – and I have not stopped playing since. I studied for nearly 10 years under Johnny Hamil and 1 year under Henry Chen – and I attended several of the Kansas City Bass Workshops, where I received masterclasses and other instruction from professional bassists including Donovan Stokes, Hans Sturm, and Francois Rabbath.

I have played in a wide range of ensembles and performing groups – including the Kansas City Youth Symphony’s top symphony orchestra, the Ball State University Symphony, the Johnson County Community College Chamber Orchestra, the Baker University Orchestra, the Philharmonia of Kansas City, and various chamber and jazz ensembles with Ball State University and Baker University.

Additionally, I enjoy playing the upright bass as a solo instrument. My primary solo repertoire currently include Breiz by Francois Rabbath, Prelude in G, by J. S. Bach, Concerto by E. Nanny, and various other pieces by Francois Rabbath or from George Vances’s Progressive Repertoire books.

I also took many music courses through my bachelor’s program at Ball State University – including advanced courses in music theory, aural skills, and music history.