Several articles and projects I have worked on have been published online or through academic journals. Here is a list of many of them:

  • Lucchi, A. (2018). Know what you write: Teaching research to creative writers. Brick and Click Conference Proceedings
  • Book Chapter: “The Writerly Librarian: Creativity in Writing” for Creativity and Personal Growth for Librarians, 2018
  • Annotated bibliography on Analog Games & Learning through MNU for the ALA
  • Ball State University honors college senior thesis: Fairy Tales Today
  • One Year Adventure Novel blog post, What Makes a Fairy Tale a Fairy Tale?
  • One Year Adventure Novel blog post, The Importance of Fairyland
  • One Year Adventure Novel blog post, The Hidden Connection Between Fiction and Academic Writing
  • Ongoing personal blog: Adventures in Fairyland
  • Review of Guardians of the Galaxy for the JCCC Campus Ledger
  • Various book reviews published in the official journal of the Association of Christian Librarians, The Christian Librarian